auction demonstration

This auction application is a demonstration of an some of the features of Cometd Oort. The site uses cometd to dynamically distribute auction bids and chat about items. The Oort cloud mechanism is used to distribute these events in a cluster (you must set the oort.cloud init parameter of the Oort servlet in web.xml so that other nodes are discovered).

To use the demo:

  • Logon using any username
  • When bids are made against items, these are published on a CometD channels.
  • Chat about items is also distributed with CometD channels.
  • If a Chat message is preceeded with 'name::' then the message is sent privately to that user using the Oort Seti service to find the user in the cluster
  • If you connect to the auction from multiple windows/tabs from the same browser, then one of them will work in polling mode and have greater latency. For best effect, user two browers to test.



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